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Leviathan Development's interests  include direct, small manufacturers based in the Los Angeles market.

Starting as a software developer,  our companies include a craft distillery, medical mask manufacturer, insurance services and real estate.

Community Service

Leviathan and its principals are committed to giving back to our community.  Our principals sit on non profit boards, and contribute directly to community service organizations both financially and "hands on".

Our health care manufacturing operations have a strong charitable component and are aimed directly at contributing solutions during the time of Pandemic.


Work with Us

If you think you can contribute to our mission, or would like us to support your organization.  Let us Know



Leviathan Development was founded in April of 1984 as  software development and business process automation company.  Over the next 12 years we designed software and network infrastructure for the elite of the Los Angeles business community.   We installed campus wide networks for movie studios,  aerospace contractors, major law firms, banks, PR and entertainment companies across Southern California.   We developed custom hardware solutions for secure computing environments and even piloted the first generations of wireless networks for Motorola.

In 1994 we sold off our network integration operations to our employees, and set off on a new adventure in a new technology platform called the "Internet".   Over the next 15 years we built a successful digital marketing and "fintech" company under the Lead.Net brand.   We sold our flagship financial services brands  LifeInsurance.Net, AutoInsurance.Net, HealthInsurance.Net.

After the sale,  our principals founded CALI Distillery, recognized as one of the leaders of the "California Whiskey Culture".    CALI has created a line of multiple gold medal winning whiskeys, and is a fast growing anchor to our portfolio.

In 2020, CALI Distillery, at the request of the FDA, CALI Distillery entered the hand sanitizer manufacturing space, and has produced well over 1 million bottles, of safe, clean nice smelling sanitizer for government healthcare agencies, hospitals, and medical supply resellers and distributors.

In 2020, Leviathan and its joint venture partners built out a mask manufacturing facility, and we are now manufacturing "made in the USA" masks by the millions.

Leviathan's growing PPE program now includes distribution of products like nitrile gloves, syriinges and other key healthcare safety products available directly to healthcare agencies, hospitals and first responders.


8950 W. Olympic Blvd Beverly Hills CA 90211 Tel: 424-286-2474

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